About Us - Meet The Owly Founders

By the team at Owly, May 4th 2019

Sara LeMesh and Siggy Bilstein are partners in both life and business. They founded Owly because they believe everyone deserves to age with dignity and respect. It is their hope that by sharing senior discounts, deals and local events, Owly helps older adults feel included and make new friends.

In addition to running Owly, Sara is a professional opera singer. She has worked at places like the San Francisco Opera and Tanglewood Music Center, and still sings locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Siggy is a guitarist and recording engineer, and when he's not helping Owly users, he's practicing guitar with various looping pedals in Oakland.

Rosie is the dedicated Owly "barketing officer." She helps spread the word about Owly at the dog park and is happy to help you sign up in exchange for treats.